Hi all! Some may wonder "What happened?" But the truth is NOTHING happened!

I have to decided to take a break from the clothing world and try my hand at something new. Something I was going to introduce to our storefront before we decided to close our doors.

I've learned through my years in business, that you can do anything, you just can't do EVERYTHING! The burnout was real y'all and I was spent. Mentally, physically and emotionally. I prayed and prayed and then prayed some more and the good Lord answered me. I am so thankful that I listened and am now able to be at home with my family but yet, still have a career. It just looks different now. While I believe there is truth in balance, I also strongly believe in boundaries. Mine weren't where they needed to be but can wholeheartedly say, they are now.

I hope you will all follow along with me on my new journey with Northern Felt Hat Co. a business I created that I am so passionate about. Plus, who doesn't love a great hat and one they made themselves at that?!

I hope to incorporate the boutique back into my new business someday, but for now-this is exactly where I need to be in my life. I appreciate each and everyone of you that have made purchases with me over the years. Your business and friendship means the world to me.

All my love,